Amazing properties and use of coconut oil in cosmetics

Coconut oil has a black PR lately, but is it right? We x-ray the properties of coconut oil. We show a dozen or so ways how it can be used for face, hair and body care. It turns out that this natural ingredient will replace half of your cosmetic bag!

There has been a recent debate on the internet about the pros and cons of coconut oil. To eat or not to eat? To fry or not to fry? Replace traditional fats in the kitchen? I will not hamlet and settle the issue of coconut oil consumption. I will leave it to the doctors and nutritionists. Instead, I will focus on how coconut oil affects us from the outside, not the inside. And it works! It can replace from a few to a dozen different cosmetics. Its properties are amazing and its application is very wide. So take coconut oil from the kitchen, bring it to the bathroom, and let’s get down to business!

Coconut oil and its properties

Coconut oil is obtained from the flesh of the coconut palm nut. If it is pressed with the use of high temperature, we obtain refined coconut oil, if cold – unrefined. The first is more durable and odorless, and the second is a more natural product – it has much more nutritional value and has a delicate, exotic coconut scent.

Coconut oil is mainly composed of saturated fatty acids. 45-55% is lauric acid, which is difficult to find in other sources. You will find this compound in … mother’s milk. Its properties are remarkable: in addition to supporting immunity (just like mother’s milk), it kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition, coconut oil contains a lot of microelements and vitamin E, the positive effect of which on the skin has been known for a long time.

Coconut oil – application. We take the jar from the kitchen and go to the bathroom! This amazing oil has moisturizing, soothing, strengthening, firming, anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, anti-dandruff properties … You can write a book about it, so today I will only talk about the most interesting properties of coconut oil.

Coconut oil for hair – for the best hairstyle

On MakeupYes you can find a lot of products for hair. Maybe the hair oil doesn’t have the best associations, but not this time. The excess coconut oil is easy to wash off, and its “magic” ingredient, lauric acid, easily penetrates the hair and does the job!

“Coconut oil, which is a triglyceride of lauric acid, is very similar to hair proteins, and thanks to its low molecular weight and simple linear chain, it can penetrate into the hair shaft.” – The National Center for Biotechnology Information

Scientific research has proved that coconut oil will be great for oily hair because – paradoxically – it causes your scalp to produce less sebum.

The oil can be used in several ways: as a conditioner or hair mask, as a remedy to relieve the feeling of tightness in the scalp, and even to help fight hair loss and dandruff. Choose for yourself how you approach it – gradually and carefully or boldly and completely!

Gradually and carefully?

Let’s start with the option that sounds the least risky if you’re concerned about the oily hair effect. Wet your hair, take two or three teaspoons of coconut oil in your hand (adjust the amount to the length of your hair). It will quickly stop resembling lard and turn into liquid when exposed to heat. Apply it and leave it on for at least an hour. The longer it stays on the hair, the better its effects will be. After that, wash your head with your shampoo and do what you usually do with your hair. It is best to use this procedure at least twice a week.

Boldly and completely!

Massage coconut oil into the scalp, then spread it over the entire length of your hair, wrap it with a towel and … good night. Yes, wash this mask off in the morning. Effect? The scalp will feel less tense and the hair will be smooth and pleasant to the touch. Additionally – if you are fighting dandruff – the miraculous acid will be your additional weapon due to its strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and fungicidal properties.

Coconut oil for the face

As for the face, there are probably as many applications as you can think of. Learn 4 hints!

1. Make-up removal

Coconut oil can be used for natural face and eye makeup removal. Do you use waterproof mascara and its washing off is not easy or it “costs” you a few eyelashes each time? Coconut oil works brilliantly in this case. Put a little on the cotton ball and proceed exactly as with regular lotion or lotion. Just don’t rub too hard! Oil in the eye is nothing terrible – you can only see “as in a fog” for a moment. To avoid this, put the soaked cotton swab to the closed eye for several seconds and carefully move it down. Repeat the operation until the last swab is clean.

2. Eye cream

Speaking of the eyes … it’s not easy to find good eye creams that will not irritate this extremely delicate and thin skin. Coconut oil does a great job. It will be safe for skin that reacts allergically to most cosmetics saturated with artificial substances. In addition, the vitamin E and antioxidants contained in it have an anti-wrinkle effect.

3. Night face cream

Coconut oil will help your skin regenerate after a long day of makeup, often in polluted air and among bacteria. It will gently moisturize, soothe irritation, will not make it greasy, and additionally – thanks to its antibacterial properties – will be helpful in the fight against acne lesions.

4. On the lips!

Coconut oil works as a pleasant lip balm. And if you have problems with chapping them – combine a little coconut oil with ordinary sugar (preferably in a ratio of one to two, i.e. one teaspoon of coconut oil with two teaspoons of sugar) and make yourself an effective and tasty scrub. Later, you can apply coconut oil alone as a protective lotion.

Coconut oil for the body in 3 ways

It worked well on the hair, it worked well on the face, especially – it will work on the rest of the body. It can replace cosmetics from various drugstore departments. Examples? Here you go: lotion, scrub and shaving foam.

1. Sugar peeling based on coconut oil

First things first! After washing the skin – peeling. As with the formula used on the lips, it’s best to combine coconut oil and sugar in a 1: 2 ratio. Coconut-based sugar peeling deeply cleanses the epidermis and leaves the skin moisturized and pleasantly smooth. If you have cellulite problems, add a tablespoon of cinnamon and ground coffee to this mixture.

2. Coconut oil instead of shaving foam

Now for a rather surprising way to use coconut oil – instead of shaving foam! It will moisten not only the skin itself, but also the hair you want to get rid of, so shaving will be much easier.

3.… and as an after-shave lotion

After shaving, it’s time to soothe and moisturize. And no surprises here – your new “shaving foam” will also be the perfect balm after depilation. A little curiosity – coconut oil will also help you fight stretch marks. With those you already have and with those who just want to show up, but you won’t let them. On the one hand, it will speed up healing, on the other – the skin will be more elastic and less prone to the formation of new stretch marks.

Coconut oil for hands and nails

Let me tell you a great trick. Whenever I wash my hands while they are still wet, I put coconut oil on my hands and then wipe them with a towel, but a little more gently. You will see for yourself how pleasant the skin is! Coconut oil applied in this way will not leave an unpleasant greasy film on your hands, but will moisturize and nourish it. Additionally, I assure you, the cuticles around the nails will not be as visible.

One more advice – put a little coconut oil into a small container (jars and travel bottles for cosmetics can be found in most drugstores) and put it in a bag. Thanks to this, you will always have it with you.

And one more thing – after a mosquito bite!

Finally, the quite surprising use of coconut oil. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, it will come to the rescue when you are bitten by a mosquito and an ugly trail is formed. Applying coconut oil to this area will make the morning lighten and heal faster.

A dozen or so cosmetics from various drugstore departments in one jar

Coconut oil will replace you with a dozen cosmetics. On which parts of the body and how you will use it – your choice. Test it yourself – see which ways to use coconut oil work best for your skin and hair. And then you can safely throw away half a suitcase of cosmetics. And the money saved – you know…

This convenient hairstyle will hit the spring. It looks very impressive and puts itself

This convenient hairstyle will hit the spring. It looks very impressive and puts itself

Bob blunt – a fashionable cut of the season

Bob blunt or blunt cut hairstyle is the most fashionable in the spring of 2020. It is perfect for hair half length, particularly thin and lacking in volume.

Bob feels very blunt “angular” hairstyle. All through perfectly straight cut. But it has to be. That’s what it comes to this effect. This timeless hairstyle will supermodne and the upcoming season. Blunt cutting creates a modern, geometric effect. At the same time blunt bob looks very naturally and freely. What’s more fit almost any woman.

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Blunt bob hairstyle is very modern and easy to maintain trendy makeup. The secret of a good cut. Hair must be perfectly condensed in a straight line to get geometrical effect. An experienced hairdresser will make for a long time we will not have to devote to the arrangement of the hair more than 5 minutes every morning. Of course we must remember to regularly refresh, and undercut hair ends. The frequency depends on how quickly grow our hair and the condition in which they are. For some women it may be three weeks, and in the case of the other three months. Sam notice when hair loses the desired shape and starts to look bad. It is a sign that the time to visit the salon.

This cut works well on straight hair, but it also looks great when wavy. Blunt bob has a chance to take over the streets this spring.

If, however, the sharp, geometric cut does not appeal to you, maybe you’ll like the soft blunt bob. It is a milder version of this hairstyle: very casual, natural and somewhat inattentive. In this haircut look like we just got up from bed or helped arrange hair gusts of wind. Full clearance. With the right cut mess on our head looks lovely. Such a controlled disorder and rejuvenates facial lineaments. Laying this hairstyle is very easy and takes only a minute. Soft blunt bob is a great choice for women with a rare and thin hair, because visually increases the volume.

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Cleanser without chemicals – is it possible?

Cleanser without chemicals – is it possible?

Natural face care benefits both your skin and the environment. Traditional cosmetics contain a number of chemicals, which may cause sensitization, cause skin irritation and itching. Environmental care is not just cosmetics. Equally important are all kinds of hygienic materials makeup blog online. How to reduce the amount of consumed swabs and paper towels? Choose which products to eliminate chemistry from daily care? Check!

Although natural cosmetics are available on the Polish market recently, they have already won the hearts of many women. This is evident even in the constantly growing range of organic products for body care and face. We decided to cosmetics and hygienic materials completely free of chemicals. Our list below.

Make-up removal with water

To your daily facial care were less chemistry, use products that will clean the skin with water only. Glove up remover micellar replaces, lotion, tonic, peeling, and swabs. Glove fibers are so delicate that they can use it with allergies and those with atopic dermatitis. Just gets wet glove in warm water, holding the skin and do a brief massage, and quickly get rid of makeup and other impurities. Following surgery, wash glove gray Unsuspend soap and dried. The product can be used for up to three months of daily use.

Glove up remover micellar replaces, lotion, tonic, peeling and swabs

Reusable pads

Think for a moment how much you consume cosmetic cotton pads (and throw) during the year. Petal reusable replaces up to 100 cotton swabs. Also note that many manufacturers of cotton swabs chlorine bleaches, which irritate the skin. Flakes reusable help reduce the amount of waste, and do not cause allergic reactions. Cotton swabs can be used with water or your favorite cosmetic treatments.

Petal reusable replaces up to 100 cotton swabs

Explore the countless properties of aloe

The pulp found in the leaves of aloe consists of up to 96 percent. of water, and more – it contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts, folic acid, biotin and antioxidants. No wonder that aloe vera is widely used in medicine and cosmetics. Currently easily buy pure aloe vera, which can be used for facial and whole body. What action is aloe gel? First of all, any kind of soothes irritation and redness. So this is the perfect preparation for people with dry skin, atopic and sensitive. Wrap with aloe gives a pleasant feeling of coolness, so perfectly gel soothes sunburn. Aloe vera has also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and supports the production of collagen fibers, thereby simplifying the skin regeneration and wound healing.

The pulp found in the leaves of aloe consists of up to 96 percent. of water, and more – it contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts, folic acid, biotin and antioxidants

The magical power oils

The use of pure oils in cosmetics is not new, but until recently did not reach for women in everyday nursing routine. Which products should you choose to facial skin was smooth, supple and moisturized? Argan oil moisturizes the skin, and thanks to the antioxidant content slows the aging process. Coconut oil accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis and eliminates discoloration, and grape seed oil strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin and soothes irritation. The main advantage of oil is their versatility – can be used not only for the face but also to the body and hair.

Argan oil
Coconut oil
grape seed oil

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Matt mouth all the time are in vogue. Who fits the makeup?


Matt mouth all the time are in vogue. Who fits the makeup?


Trends in makeup 2020: A matte lips


Matte lipstick will also be fashionable this season. Without gloss lips look very elegant and professionally. It should be borne in mind that not every woman looks good in this makeup.


Matte makeup mouth is very expressive and ruthlessly emphasizes the imperfections. Forget the lipstick, if you have dry and cracked lips Girl Links. This makeup requires a perfectly smooth, neat complexion. Unfortunately, matte lipstick will emphasize every tiny flaw. Before you decide on the makeup, you need to take care of the lips and skin. Moisturize, cultivate, get rid of persistent acne and finish habits that damage the skin.


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Matt lipstick look best on właścicielkach large and full lips. These small can optically zoom out even more, and not the effect of the whole point.


When choosing the color of lipstick is best to rely on trial and error. The theory theory, but in practice, until you see the actual look and feel in the shade. You have really a lot of options, ranging from the natural color nude, through pinks and reds to dark burgundy or brown. Most importantly, you feel good.


Bright colors are more natural, whereas the dark matte lipstick creates a strongly expressive makeup that does not fit for every woman. After all, it is worth a try, because without lipstick gloss is now in vogue. Universal and timeless red lipstick is still in fashion, but not every woman feels good in that color.


If, however, matt lipstick is too demanding for you, you can safely opt for shiny lips wet lips.




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What is the honeys hair. Be sure to try out this treatment

What is the honeys hair. Be sure to try out this treatment

Honeys hair – what is it and why should I do?

Honeys hair – it sounds exotic, but the effect is really surprisingly good. Hair Care using honey clearly improves their appearance and condition. This naturally can successfully replace drugstore supplements and expensive treatments. It is also an interesting alternative for oiling the hair.

Honeys hair treatment is very popular among bloggers dealing with beauty. This method of care has gained a lot of fans. No wonder. This is a simple, cheap and very effective method to improve the appearance of hair. Many cosmetics has in its composition of honey, but they are really small quantities. Isolated miodując hair endow them a real bomb nursing.

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Most honey is added in a ratio of 1: 1 is used for the nutrient. This treatment effectively moisturizes and nourishes the hair. It is ideal for the care of both straight and curly hair. It stiffens slightly and emphasizes the waves.

A spoonful of honey should be mixed with a tablespoon of any nutrient. The mask is kept, preferably under cap or towel for about an hour and rinse with warm water. Hair after this surgery are perfectly soft, smooth and beautifully fragrant.

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Honey is an excellent and completely natural remedy for hair care. It regenerates, moisturizes, strengthens and restores radiance. Especially it recommended for those dry and damaged. Its advantage over the oil lies in the fact that it is much easier to remove it from the hair. Just the same warm water. Wash oil that simple no longer.

Remember that nice hair is well-groomed hair. No matter whether short or long, thin or thick, straight or curly. Each will look healthy and they added beauty to you, if you nurture them properly mums blog.

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Coronavirus, and leave home. Can you practice outside?

Coronavirus, and leave home. Can you practice outside?

Coronavirus, and outdoor sports. Can you leave the house?

To go to the park to jog or better to spread a mat in front of TV? Dr. David Nieman from North Carolina Research Campus and Brian Labus Assistant Professor of the UNLV School of Public Health in Nevada explain how it is with workouts outdoors at risk of epidemic coronavirus.

Scientists assure us that physical activity in the fresh air is healthy and recommended. There are no contraindications for training in the park, cycling tours to the forest and meadow walks. On the contrary. So you can even reduce the risk of catching an infection.

There are no contraindications for training in the park, to the forest cycling or walking through a meadow

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Outdoor sports improves immunity, acts preventively and easier for the body to overcome the disease. What’s more, experts point out that being outside is safer. In confined spaces the risk of infection is greater.

We can safely practice on the outside, but we should avoid concentrations of people. It would be best to train yourself. Every encounter with another man is a potential risk of infection or transmission of the virus to others. Faced with the risk of an epidemic, so far-reaching precautions are fully justified.

Let us remember that if the forest, meadow or the park are fine, it is not recommended to use the outdoor gym BeautynHealth. In general, we should avoid touching objects in public spaces.

I decided to check how the coronavirus in practice affects the habits of training. To this end, I looked at the Facebook group uniting fans running. The vast majority of people comes out to practice as usual. However, avoid training in the group and resigned from the gym and other sports activities. Many people in connection with the advent of the coronavirus in Poland, had doubts as to whether it should run out. One group in fear of being affected, however, decided to play safe and opt out of training outdoors.

Homemade solutions for dry skin on the hands. Your hands will thank you

Homemade solutions for dry skin on the hands. Your hands will thank you

Dry skin on the hands from frequent washing

Dry and irritated hands are not only aesthetic problem. This skin is more vulnerable to damage and easier to infections. For now, there is no evidence that the coronavirus can get into the body in this way. But still then it increases the risk of various infections, and this will certainly want to avoid.

Fortunately, you can take care of your hands and at the same time not neglect hygiene. Just follow a few rules and apply the appropriate care. The skin quickly regain softness, become smooth, moisturized and healthy.

Frequent hand washing and dry skin. How to prevent it?

1. First of all, let’s not paranoid and do not exaggerate. Abuse of strong antibacterial and disinfectant is harmful and does not help to guard against diseases. If we remain in the house is enough warm water (not hot!) And soap. Disinfectant Gels are useful when there is no possibility of a normal wash their hands. They can also be used after returning home or to work.

Abuse of strong antibacterial and disinfectant is harmful and does not help to guard against diseases

Hands should be washed before and after using the toilet, before contact with food, after cleaning, after coming home. In the face of an outbreak of coronavirus in Poland, you should do it after each contact with another person (outside the household), or the subject of a public space (also check where it is most germs). Surely there is no justification, however, scrubbing them every hour, when the whole day sitting in a chair and read a book. Equally important is proper hand washing technique. By doing this we do not achieve the desired person found any effect.

2. While household chores such as washing dishes or scrubbing the floor, you should wear gloves. Thus protect sensitive skin against detergents and excessive contact with water.


3. Important, especially when increasing the frequency of cleaning is the use of hand creams. Top lubricate them after every wash. In addition, the evening before bedtime should apply the cosmetic composition of the richer and apply it more Allure perfect.


What should contain hand cream? Choose cosmetics urea, retinol and vitamin E in the composition. They work well as natural oils and butter. As for paraffin or silicone, you need not be afraid of them. Not cultivate but form a protective layer that prevents dehydration and damage. Visually also improve the appearance of the skin. They are good to use every day. In the evening, however, it is worth asking for a richer product lineup.

What should contain hand cream?

Homemade solutions for dry skin on the hands

They are simple to use, inexpensive and effective. At least 1-2 times a week, why not treat yourself to a home spa hand. It is not only care treatment, but also a form of relaxation. You will find that you can have beauty in their four corners.

Paraffin hand treatment

It is performed in beauty salons, but successfully handle herself in the house. Need paraffin only available at the pharmacy for a few pounds. It will be useful also nourishing cream or oil or vitamin ampoules.

The paraffin to be heated. In the hands abundantly wsmarować cream or oil and then dip in a bowl. After a few minutes pull it and wrapped with foil. It is also wrapped in a towel to keep the heat. After half an hour you can compress download, but it is advisable to refrain from washing your hands for another 2-3 hours.

Hand bath in olive oil

This is a very simple procedure, which has a beneficial impact not only on your skin but also nails. The oil must be heated and immersed in her hands. In the meantime, it is worth to perform a gentle massage. The whole fugitive should last 15 to 30 minutes.

Soaking hands in flaxseed

Flaxseed has moisturizing, soothing and protecting. Perfect for dry skin care in your hands. Just pour boiling water or boil a few tablespoons of flaxseed. Then drain and cool slightly when the decoction, put it in his hands. After 5 minutes, gently massaged into the skin gel with linseed. Tested also necessarily softening foot bath with linseed, mint and fenugreek. It works wonders!

Add to shampoo one component to give your hair volume and reduce the oiliness

Add to shampoo one component to give your hair volume and reduce the oiliness

Plain way mega volume – Epsom salt

Wondering what the magic ingredient? As for the bitter salt, also known under the names of Epsom salt, salt, magnesium salt or English. You buy it at the pharmacy for a few pounds. Add a tablespoon of your favorite shampoo and enjoy the result from the first wash.

Epsom salt makes the hair more volume gain, is reflected from the base and more looking fresh. It’s super patent, if you are struggling with the problem of excessively oily scalp. Besides Epsom salt has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Perfectly cleanses and helps fight dandruff Cute secret.

If you have long hair or struggling with their excessive hair loss, you can also find help at the pharmacy. And it is not about any special dietary supplements or cosmetics. Wcierka stomach drops as hair can do wonders. You do not believe? Try it! You prefer not to impose such specifics on the scalp? Then try the onion juice on the hair. It works similarly, although it smells worse. But beautiful, long hair is worth many sacrifices. And now, when most of us go out of the house, it is the perfect time for such treatments.

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Natural ways to wash your hair. You do not need shampoo!

Natural ways to wash your hair. You do not need shampoo!

Natural alternatives to shampoo Iam Fashion online. How to wash my hair?

Cancellation of shampoo will do particularly well owners of dry and damaged hair. In their case, even a mild product can worsen their conditions. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Try it out. Recently, more and more is being said about the dangers of shampoos. First of all, we try to avoid in the composition of strong cleaning substances such as SLS and SLES. However, even these milder, are not completely safe. The best solution seems to be giving up shampoo. Just what then wash your hair? 5 We offer natural alternatives.

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Plain water

This is the easiest way that few people take into consideration. If your hair are not heavily soiled, simply rinse them properly with warm water to regain freshness. You do not have to use every time you shampoo wash. First, check your hair actually require it. Of course, it is worth from time to time to clean them harder, but nothing happens when one week you perform cleaning using only water.

The method is not suitable for women who complain about greasy hair. Water itself may also be insufficient if you play sports intensively. Some time ago it was loud in the media about a woman who for two years did not use shampoo. As you can see, can not.

  • Add to shampoo one component to give your hair volume and reduce the oiliness

washing nuts

They check in cleaning clothes and you can try them also to wash hair. Prepare a decoction of nuts washing it does not take much time. Just cook them for 5 minutes. It is recommended to 7-8 units per pint of water. After cooling, pour the liquid into a bottle and shaken. Decoction of nuts should foaming detergents. Now you are ready to wash the hair. It should hold it on his head for several minutes. This allows dirt and debris to be effectively dissolved and removed.

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With the help of this herb can be made safe and natural hair shampoo. 2 tablespoons mydlnicy should pour two glasses of water and cook for 5 minutes. Then decoction should drain and cool. I can join to wash. If we have the impression that the purifying effect is too weak, you can add more mydlnicy.

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Baking soda and vinegar

Sounds scary and frightening. Both baking soda and vinegar have a very strong effect. Perfect for cleaning, but do check as a means to wash your hair? Bloggers and fans care very natural praise himself this way. Soda absorbs excess sebum, perfectly cleanses the hair and scalp, antibacterial, neutralizes odors. However, it has a high alkaline, which must be neutralized. And here is suited cider vinegar. In addition, it closes the scales of hair and gives the hair gloss even smoother.

1 tablespoon of baking soda should be dissolved in half a glass of water. To add 2/3 cup water 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar. All we mix. It is important to keep proportions. Ready mix thoroughly wash the scalp.

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egg yolk

Egg yolk should be mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil. You can add a few drops of lemon. Such a mixture is a hair conditioner, which is already used our grandmothers. But good will also work instead of shampoo. For some time blogger urodowe recommended to wash your hair conditioner. Instead, you can apply a natural drugstore. Hair will be smoothed and moisturized. For long or very thick, you may find that you need two or three yolks.

Natural methods of care are increasingly fashionable. But remember that not every have to check with us. Although natural care has many advantages, it can often cause sensitization. Always worth a previously perform the test on a small area allergic. If the two days is not an allergic reaction, we can safely use the product.

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If you decide to opt out of shampoo, remember that your hair and scalp need time to get used to the new care. It is always the most difficult period of transition. You can then notice excessive hair oiliness or dryness of the scalp. It is safest to gradually introduce new methods, eg. Once a week to give up shampoo. In this way it will be easier to move you.

The new ideal of beauty – sexy curves and healthy, athletic body

The new ideal of beauty – sexy curves and healthy, athletic body

Mia Sand. The new ideal of beauty – sexy curves and athletic body

Fashion very slim, even wychodzone body thankfully passed. Now, the most popular muscled body. Mia does not look like a typical bodybuilder, however, completely devoid of fat. 31-year-old presents a figure which can be described as “fit plus size”. Dane proves that the larger size and physical fitness did not exclude. Healthy and athletic person does not have to be skinny. And certainly you do not have to be underweight to be happy and beautiful.

Trainer won the hearts of fans of your sincerity and naturalness. The woman speaks directly about their weaknesses and imperfections. Does not create the ideal, just shows what it really is. Frankly admits that hormones and the menstrual cycle have a huge impact on the look and feel. He come to terms with it and does not do drama. It is natural, normal and human.

Mia recently admitted that once was neglected and sad girl. But he decided to take fate into their own hands. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she began to work. Her Instagram is not only a mine of knowledge about health, but also a vast sea of ​​inspiration and motivation. All the time convincing to believe in yourself, accept your imperfections and stop being afraid GIRLY INDEX. This is her recipe for success.

Dane looking at the pictures, we see a beautiful, well-groomed, happy and fulfilled woman. For this well-dressed and conscious of your body. Had mastered to perfection the art of selecting outfits. For each of the photo looks incredibly sexy, and adj that is completely natural and at first glance arouses sympathy. 31-year-old knows that it does not make sense to the ideal match and try to cram into the established patterns.