Coronavirus, and leave home. Can you practice outside?

Coronavirus, and outdoor sports. Can you leave the house?

To go to the park to jog or better to spread a mat in front of TV? Dr. David Nieman from North Carolina Research Campus and Brian Labus Assistant Professor of the UNLV School of Public Health in Nevada explain how it is with workouts outdoors at risk of epidemic coronavirus.

Scientists assure us that physical activity in the fresh air is healthy and recommended. There are no contraindications for training in the park, cycling tours to the forest and meadow walks. On the contrary. So you can even reduce the risk of catching an infection.

There are no contraindications for training in the park, to the forest cycling or walking through a meadow

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Outdoor sports improves immunity, acts preventively and easier for the body to overcome the disease. What’s more, experts point out that being outside is safer. In confined spaces the risk of infection is greater.

We can safely practice on the outside, but we should avoid concentrations of people. It would be best to train yourself. Every encounter with another man is a potential risk of infection or transmission of the virus to others. Faced with the risk of an epidemic, so far-reaching precautions are fully justified.

Let us remember that if the forest, meadow or the park are fine, it is not recommended to use the outdoor gym BeautynHealth. In general, we should avoid touching objects in public spaces.

I decided to check how the coronavirus in practice affects the habits of training. To this end, I looked at the Facebook group uniting fans running. The vast majority of people comes out to practice as usual. However, avoid training in the group and resigned from the gym and other sports activities. Many people in connection with the advent of the coronavirus in Poland, had doubts as to whether it should run out. One group in fear of being affected, however, decided to play safe and opt out of training outdoors.