Homemade solutions for dry skin on the hands. Your hands will thank you

Dry skin on the hands from frequent washing

Dry and irritated hands are not only aesthetic problem. This skin is more vulnerable to damage and easier to infections. For now, there is no evidence that the coronavirus can get into the body in this way. But still then it increases the risk of various infections, and this will certainly want to avoid.

Fortunately, you can take care of your hands and at the same time not neglect hygiene. Just follow a few rules and apply the appropriate care. The skin quickly regain softness, become smooth, moisturized and healthy.

Frequent hand washing and dry skin. How to prevent it?

1. First of all, let’s not paranoid and do not exaggerate. Abuse of strong antibacterial and disinfectant is harmful and does not help to guard against diseases. If we remain in the house is enough warm water (not hot!) And soap. Disinfectant Gels are useful when there is no possibility of a normal wash their hands. They can also be used after returning home or to work.

Abuse of strong antibacterial and disinfectant is harmful and does not help to guard against diseases

Hands should be washed before and after using the toilet, before contact with food, after cleaning, after coming home. In the face of an outbreak of coronavirus in Poland, you should do it after each contact with another person (outside the household), or the subject of a public space (also check where it is most germs). Surely there is no justification, however, scrubbing them every hour, when the whole day sitting in a chair and read a book. Equally important is proper hand washing technique. By doing this we do not achieve the desired person found any effect.

2. While household chores such as washing dishes or scrubbing the floor, you should wear gloves. Thus protect sensitive skin against detergents and excessive contact with water.


3. Important, especially when increasing the frequency of cleaning is the use of hand creams. Top lubricate them after every wash. In addition, the evening before bedtime should apply the cosmetic composition of the richer and apply it more Allure perfect.


What should contain hand cream? Choose cosmetics urea, retinol and vitamin E in the composition. They work well as natural oils and butter. As for paraffin or silicone, you need not be afraid of them. Not cultivate but form a protective layer that prevents dehydration and damage. Visually also improve the appearance of the skin. They are good to use every day. In the evening, however, it is worth asking for a richer product lineup.

What should contain hand cream?

Homemade solutions for dry skin on the hands

They are simple to use, inexpensive and effective. At least 1-2 times a week, why not treat yourself to a home spa hand. It is not only care treatment, but also a form of relaxation. You will find that you can have beauty in their four corners.

Paraffin hand treatment

It is performed in beauty salons, but successfully handle herself in the house. Need paraffin only available at the pharmacy for a few pounds. It will be useful also nourishing cream or oil or vitamin ampoules.

The paraffin to be heated. In the hands abundantly wsmarowańá cream or oil and then dip in a bowl. After a few minutes pull it and wrapped with foil. It is also wrapped in a towel to keep the heat. After half an hour you can compress download, but it is advisable to refrain from washing your hands for another 2-3 hours.

Hand bath in olive oil

This is a very simple procedure, which has a beneficial impact not only on your skin but also nails. The oil must be heated and immersed in her hands. In the meantime, it is worth to perform a gentle massage. The whole fugitive should last 15 to 30 minutes.

Soaking hands in flaxseed

Flaxseed has moisturizing, soothing and protecting. Perfect for dry skin care in your hands. Just pour boiling water or boil a few tablespoons of flaxseed. Then drain and cool slightly when the decoction, put it in his hands. After 5 minutes, gently massaged into the skin gel with linseed. Tested also necessarily softening foot bath with linseed, mint and fenugreek. It works wonders!