Natural ways to wash your hair. You do not need shampoo!

Natural alternatives to shampoo Iam Fashion online. How to wash my hair?

Cancellation of shampoo will do particularly well owners of dry and damaged hair. In their case, even a mild product can worsen their conditions. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Try it out. Recently, more and more is being said about the dangers of shampoos. First of all, we try to avoid in the composition of strong cleaning substances such as SLS and SLES. However, even these milder, are not completely safe. The best solution seems to be giving up shampoo. Just what then wash your hair? 5 We offer natural alternatives.

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Plain water

This is the easiest way that few people take into consideration. If your hair are not heavily soiled, simply rinse them properly with warm water to regain freshness. You do not have to use every time you shampoo wash. First, check your hair actually require it. Of course, it is worth from time to time to clean them harder, but nothing happens when one week you perform cleaning using only water.

The method is not suitable for women who complain about greasy hair. Water itself may also be insufficient if you play sports intensively. Some time ago it was loud in the media about a woman who for two years did not use shampoo. As you can see, can not.

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washing nuts

They check in cleaning clothes and you can try them also to wash hair. Prepare a decoction of nuts washing it does not take much time. Just cook them for 5 minutes. It is recommended to 7-8 units per pint of water. After cooling, pour the liquid into a bottle and shaken. Decoction of nuts should foaming detergents. Now you are ready to wash the hair. It should hold it on his head for several minutes. This allows dirt and debris to be effectively dissolved and removed.

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With the help of this herb can be made safe and natural hair shampoo. 2 tablespoons mydlnicy should pour two glasses of water and cook for 5 minutes. Then decoction should drain and cool. I can join to wash. If we have the impression that the purifying effect is too weak, you can add more mydlnicy.

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Baking soda and vinegar

Sounds scary and frightening. Both baking soda and vinegar have a very strong effect. Perfect for cleaning, but do check as a means to wash your hair? Bloggers and fans care very natural praise himself this way. Soda absorbs excess sebum, perfectly cleanses the hair and scalp, antibacterial, neutralizes odors. However, it has a high alkaline, which must be neutralized. And here is suited cider vinegar. In addition, it closes the scales of hair and gives the hair gloss even smoother.

1 tablespoon of baking soda should be dissolved in half a glass of water. To add 2/3 cup water 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar. All we mix. It is important to keep proportions. Ready mix thoroughly wash the scalp.

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egg yolk

Egg yolk should be mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil. You can add a few drops of lemon. Such a mixture is a hair conditioner, which is already used our grandmothers. But good will also work instead of shampoo. For some time blogger urodowe recommended to wash your hair conditioner. Instead, you can apply a natural drugstore. Hair will be smoothed and moisturized. For long or very thick, you may find that you need two or three yolks.

Natural methods of care are increasingly fashionable. But remember that not every have to check with us. Although natural care has many advantages, it can often cause sensitization. Always worth a previously perform the test on a small area allergic. If the two days is not an allergic reaction, we can safely use the product.

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If you decide to opt out of shampoo, remember that your hair and scalp need time to get used to the new care. It is always the most difficult period of transition. You can then notice excessive hair oiliness or dryness of the scalp. It is safest to gradually introduce new methods, eg. Once a week to give up shampoo. In this way it will be easier to move you.