The new ideal of beauty – sexy curves and healthy, athletic body

Mia Sand. The new ideal of beauty – sexy curves and athletic body

Fashion very slim, even wychodzone body thankfully passed. Now, the most popular muscled body. Mia does not look like a typical bodybuilder, however, completely devoid of fat. 31-year-old presents a figure which can be described as “fit plus size”. Dane proves that the larger size and physical fitness did not exclude. Healthy and athletic person does not have to be skinny. And certainly you do not have to be underweight to be happy and beautiful.

Trainer won the hearts of fans of your sincerity and naturalness. The woman speaks directly about their weaknesses and imperfections. Does not create the ideal, just shows what it really is. Frankly admits that hormones and the menstrual cycle have a huge impact on the look and feel. He come to terms with it and does not do drama. It is natural, normal and human.

Mia recently admitted that once was neglected and sad girl. But he decided to take fate into their own hands. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she began to work. Her Instagram is not only a mine of knowledge about health, but also a vast sea of ‚Äč‚Äčinspiration and motivation. All the time convincing to believe in yourself, accept your imperfections and stop being afraid GIRLY INDEX. This is her recipe for success.

Dane looking at the pictures, we see a beautiful, well-groomed, happy and fulfilled woman. For this well-dressed and conscious of your body. Had mastered to perfection the art of selecting outfits. For each of the photo looks incredibly sexy, and adj that is completely natural and at first glance arouses sympathy. 31-year-old knows that it does not make sense to the ideal match and try to cram into the established patterns.