This convenient hairstyle will hit the spring. It looks very impressive and puts itself

Bob blunt – a fashionable cut of the season

Bob blunt or blunt cut hairstyle is the most fashionable in the spring of 2020. It is perfect for hair half length, particularly thin and lacking in volume.

Bob feels very blunt “angular” hairstyle. All through perfectly straight cut. But it has to be. That’s what it comes to this effect. This timeless hairstyle will supermodne and the upcoming season. Blunt cutting creates a modern, geometric effect. At the same time blunt bob looks very naturally and freely. What’s more fit almost any woman.

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Blunt bob hairstyle is very modern and easy to maintain trendy makeup. The secret of a good cut. Hair must be perfectly condensed in a straight line to get geometrical effect. An experienced hairdresser will make for a long time we will not have to devote to the arrangement of the hair more than 5 minutes every morning. Of course we must remember to regularly refresh, and undercut hair ends. The frequency depends on how quickly grow our hair and the condition in which they are. For some women it may be three weeks, and in the case of the other three months. Sam notice when hair loses the desired shape and starts to look bad. It is a sign that the time to visit the salon.

This cut works well on straight hair, but it also looks great when wavy. Blunt bob has a chance to take over the streets this spring.

If, however, the sharp, geometric cut does not appeal to you, maybe you’ll like the soft blunt bob. It is a milder version of this hairstyle: very casual, natural and somewhat inattentive. In this haircut look like we just got up from bed or helped arrange hair gusts of wind. Full clearance. With the right cut mess on our head looks lovely. Such a controlled disorder and rejuvenates facial lineaments. Laying this hairstyle is very easy and takes only a minute. Soft blunt bob is a great choice for women with a rare and thin hair, because visually increases the volume.

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