What is the honeys hair. Be sure to try out this treatment

Honeys hair – what is it and why should I do?

Honeys hair – it sounds exotic, but the effect is really surprisingly good. Hair Care using honey clearly improves their appearance and condition. This naturally can successfully replace drugstore supplements and expensive treatments. It is also an interesting alternative for oiling the hair.

Honeys hair treatment is very popular among bloggers dealing with beauty. This method of care has gained a lot of fans. No wonder. This is a simple, cheap and very effective method to improve the appearance of hair. Many cosmetics has in its composition of honey, but they are really small quantities. Isolated miodujÄ…c hair endow them a real bomb nursing.

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Most honey is added in a ratio of 1: 1 is used for the nutrient. This treatment effectively moisturizes and nourishes the hair. It is ideal for the care of both straight and curly hair. It stiffens slightly and emphasizes the waves.

A spoonful of honey should be mixed with a tablespoon of any nutrient. The mask is kept, preferably under cap or towel for about an hour and rinse with warm water. Hair after this surgery are perfectly soft, smooth and beautifully fragrant.

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Honey is an excellent and completely natural remedy for hair care. It regenerates, moisturizes, strengthens and restores radiance. Especially it recommended for those dry and damaged. Its advantage over the oil lies in the fact that it is much easier to remove it from the hair. Just the same warm water. Wash oil that simple no longer.

Remember that nice hair is well-groomed hair. No matter whether short or long, thin or thick, straight or curly. Each will look healthy and they added beauty to you, if you nurture them properly mums blog.

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