The most beautiful ideas and inspirations on Easter manicure

The most beautiful ideas and inspirations on Easter manicure

Easter nails 2020. Inspiration for Christmas Manicure

Easter is associated with spring, sunny days and awakening to life of nature. The nails reign now joyful and energetic colors: yellow, green, orange. We draw inspiration for decorating the eggs with …. Nails painted like an Easter egg? We are at that! It’s that you are sitting at home does not mean you have to sacrifice with manicure. On the contrary, it is the best time to work out and afford the greatest madness.

  • Errors that do commit most hybrid nails. Their effects can be devastating
  • Now we paint the nails … vice versa. Meet reverse manicure!
  • Now we wear manicure on short nails. Looks amazing

View of our proposals and choose something for themselves. Which idea for Easter manicure you like the most?

How to use candles for body massage?

How to use candles for body massage?

Relaxing body massage with hot wax is one of the treatments offered by salons SPA. This ritual nourishes the skin and clears the mind, allows you to forget about the worries and racing thoughts calm down. This relaxing treatment can also be carried out at home. See how.

Create a mood

To be able to fully relax your mind and body, massage wax must be accompanied by the appropriate mood. Before surgery, try to clean up the room so that during the massage did not dragged your attention. You can also ventilate them to smell the candle does not mix with others, either before surgery to use the incense-scented candle scent similar to massage. Light a few candles and put up a bunch of ordinary it in the room or the bathroom, creating an intimate atmosphere.

Select the right candle

Candle designed to massage the body of the differents primarily low melting point. As a result, after reconstitution it takes the form of scented massage oil. Others are also components of which made both types of candles. The composition of candle massage, in addition to beeswax, should include aromatic oils, moisturizing the skin (eg. Shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil and avocado) and vitamins. Candle massage is performed after not only because of its relaxing properties, but also in order to nourish the skin.

Choosing candle massage can not be accidental. Aromatherapy, so called because the smell of treatment, improves mental and physical well-being. Properly selected scents can make our immune system to strengthen, and the physical pain that we feel – relented. Therefore it is worth taking the time to choose the right spark to a brief moment of relaxation had a lasting positive impact on our health.

Which fragrance you choose?

  • lavender – if you want to calm down and mute;

lavender –

  • citrus – if you need a boost, you want to get rid of anger and improve concentration;

citrus –

  • ylang ylang – if you want to forget about the stress, raise blood pressure and increase their efficiency;

ylang ylang –

  • mint – if you need to concentrate;

mint –

  • cinnamon – if you feel mentally tired and need stimulation;

cinnamon –

  • sandalwood – if you want to calm down, get rid of stress and physical tension and mental health;

sandal tree –

  • Rose – if you want to arouse a sense of happiness and stimulate the body to greater productivity.

rose –

follow the massage

If you already have chosen the right candle, you can proceed to massage the body. To do this, light a candle and wait for 15-20 minutes, until the liquid turns into a lotion. Slowly pour it on your hands first, then gently massage the body in circular motions – motions facing away from the heart. Do not extinguish the wick, so that all the time will be essential liquid form and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of their will. After finishing the treatment for a few hours refrain from bathing, allowing nutrients to absorb into the body. If a massage is not the whole zużyłaś candle, you can use it again. Remember, however, that before re-lighting the wick need to gently cleanse it of excess soot, otherwise it will contaminate the melted wax Victoria’s temptation.

What are the advantages carries a candle massage?

Massage oils contained in the candlelight, not only relaxes and gives comfort psyche, but also well affect our body. Depending on the composition, it has anti-cellulite, supporting the process of treating certain skin changes – eg. Post-operative adhesions or scarring, as well as slimming effect. After the treatment the body is smooth and soft, and the skin deeply nourished.

Even more candles for body massage:

Home Beauty – everything you need to get a new look

How to care for the skin after the age of 50? The third way you have to try now

How to care for the skin after the age of 50? The third way you have to try now

Even he mature skin can look fresh and radiant. Just take care of its proper care. After the age of 50 needs change our skin, so cosmetics and treatments that have brought good results, prove inadequate. Learn how to care for mature skin and enjoy beautiful skin regardless of age.

Water loss, discoloration or less flexibility – these are just some of the characteristics of mature skin. Decreases with age, collagen production, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and therefore include ingredients to for proper nutrition and hydration of the skin. Depending on the individual predisposition, approx. 45-50 years of age menopause starts, accompanied by a number of hormonal changes. As a result, the blood vessels are weakened, and the skin becomes susceptible to all kinds of irritation. Skin Care fifties should therefore include a strong nutrition, and also protection against harmful weather conditions.

Care of mature skin. Gentle and effective cleansing of

Thorough cleansing is the most important element of skin, regardless of age. When washing not only remove makeup, but also everything that accumulates on your face during the day – sebum, dust, dust and smog. Suitable purification also prevents clogging of the pores and hence, the appearance of pimples, blackheads, and other imperfections. The skin after the age of 50 requires gentle, yet effective cleaning. It’s better to abandon aggressive peels or gels and replace them with glove makeup remover. Soft fibers glove act as a magnet in combination with hot water soluble even nearly opaque primer or mascara. The product can be used without additional cosmetics, so you do not dry or irritate even sensitive skin.

How to get rid of wrinkles? Discover the unique properties of retinol

Retinol is one of the most studied and the most commonly used anti-wrinkle substances. For this reason, very willing to reach for him, a woman in her fifties. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and of penetrating into the deep layers of the skin, stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, those components whose mature organism is unable to produce isolated in sufficient quantity. Retinol treatment eliminates the harmful effects of free radicals and increases cell renewal. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. Retinol also exhibits anti-acne activity, because helps in relieving inflammation and removing stains. Due to the fact that retinol in high concentrations can irritate the skin, treatment of cosmetics is best to start with a small dose of a derivative of vitamin A. If in doubt, you should also consult a dermatologist or beautician, which will indicate which products will be best for our skin.

Firming mature skin. Facial massage step by step

Although facial massage is a procedure that we associate primarily with beauty salons, there is nothing in the way to perform it yourself at home. Regular massage will allow us to reduce stress and also improve blood circulation, so skin becomes firmer and shallow wrinkles will be smoothed. To do massage, we can use eg. The glove makeup remover. On a dry glove pour a few drops of essential oil (eg., Avocado, jojoba or lemon), then gently massage the entire face and neck with circular movements for a few minutes. At the end you type oil and leave to absorb. Massage with essential oil acts as a natural facelift, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, removes dark circles and signs of fatigue BodySkinCare. After treatment the skin is oxygenated, and we feel relaxed and relaxed.

How to care for your skin in his fifties? sun Protection

A very important part of skin care after age 50 is sun protection. UV excessive amounts reach the deep layers of the skin and destroys the collagen and elastin fibers, and also weakens the blood vessels. As a result, skin aging faster, it becomes thinner and less resistant to damage. Excessive tanning increases the risk of skin cancer, contributes to the formation of stains, and keratosis of the epidermis. So in order to ensure adequate protection of the skin, reach for the best creams with high filter (SPF 50+) and apply them not only in summer but throughout the year.

It will be a real hit in the hair coloring. See – that nobody expected

It will be a real hit in the hair coloring. See – that nobody expected

Isolation forced us to change many habits urodowych. We devote more attention and care than a relaxing beauty treatment rituals. No wonder – niewychodzenia recommendations on the house and the very limited number of places where you would go for purposes other than work or make necessary purchases, discourage meticulous care about appearance. And even if that appearance that we would like to take care of, not particularly where we have to do it. Salons are still closed, so we have to rely on their own skills top beauty club. And patience, whose resources we slowly depleted.

Jack Braxter: this year will be their comeback suckers

Many of us, however, has taken a decision that despite unfavorable circumstances, however, dye your hair and try to hide the hated roots – with varying degrees of success. For all tired of continuous improvement hairstyles we have good news: visible roots soon become a hit in the hair coloring. And although it may seem a bit absurd, because usually associated with neglect and were regarded as one of the urodowych deadly sins – they will dominate this year’s trends.

That prediction has for us, Jack Barber stars Braxter, which provides services to, among others, vlogerka famous and influencerka Jamie Genevieve. In an interview with the British magazine “Glamor”, he argues that after the pandemic, we will go ahead and expose the roots – not because of convenience or laziness, but that current trends.

– Hair is an important part of our presence, so when we feel that we do not look the best it could have a negative impact on our mood and self-esteem. It is, however, in spite of the existing rules and habits to like their roots. This year will be their comeback – provides Braxter.

How to reduce the contrast between the hair regrowth and the rest? a simple way

Barber adds that as long as hairdressers are closed, we can easily freshen up your look without the need for a thorough cover-up suckers. Just do a very stylish and nonchalant reflections. – Use a lighter shade to this little deviating from your natural hair color and pofarbuj him some bandwidth. In this way, you reduce the contrast between the hair regrowth and the rest. This technique makes the hair look natural, harmonizes with fantastically complexion and emphasizes the beauty – instructs the expert.

Imprint on the foot. How to remove home remedies?

Imprint on the foot. How to remove home remedies?

The prints appear most often on the feet. Usually, the cause of their formation are uncomfortable shoes – too tight or too loose, as well as those in high heels. The appearance of fingerprints also encourages improper foot care and too tight tights or socks. On the prints are exposed to people with diseases of the foot, overweight, suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or thyroid problems.

How to remove the foot print?

Best not to allow its inception. To avoid fingerprints on the feet, ensure adequate, comfortable shoes, and regularly cultivate the interest. For daily rituals should include the use of a cream that moisturizes and natłuści. From time to time it is good to soak your feet in water with salt, and growing, calluses should delete a file or a special grater feet.

If we find that there is a bead shield should be specially molded silicone pads. They shield the skin from friction, while not lead to razor burn or allergies.

To remove small corns on the feet, you can also use special patches available in drugstores or pharmacies. They have a softening effect. After a few days you can quickly get rid of fingerprints using a grater or a file.

Softeners are also special fluids and gels containing salicylic acid or lactic acid. They are applied twice a day. After a few days you can quickly get rid of fingerprints.

How to remove the foot print on the way home

There are many ways to fingerprints, which we can use at home. They do not require special effort and the necessary ingredients to prepare them almost always have at hand. Here are some proven ideas to get rid of fingerprints:

  • Castor oil – rubbing it in place of the fingerprint causes their gradual softening and helps remove.
  • Zest of fresh lemon or fresh pineapple belt – skin must be applied to the inside of the skin and leave on all night. You can set up a sock or bandage the foot, so that the skin held in place.
  • Oatmeal – effective is soaking feet in a decoction of oatmeal, it helps soften and remove the print.
  • Green tea – can help reduce pain and itching, and in addition, thanks to vitamins and antyoksydantom, faster dry bladder. Just brew a tea, it let cool slightly, then dipped a cotton ball to apply it to the imprint. The treatment should be repeated 4-5 times a day for a few days.
  • Apple cider vinegar – should soak the swab in it, and then wash imprint. You can be diluted with water. To delete a fingerprint, the treatment should be repeated twice a day for several days.
  • The infusion of chamomile – in a prepared herbal infusion soak feet for about 15 minutes. Then dry the feet, spread imprint fat cream or Vaseline, and to strengthen the effect of wear cotton socks.
  • Garlic and olive oil – ząbku with crushed garlic and olive oil poultice should be prepared to apply the imprint. In addition to anti-inflammatory and softening the blend also has strong moisturizing properties.
  • Toothpaste – although it may seem strange, the paste is very effective. Due to the fact that it comprises baking soda, menthol, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and accelerates the healing, disinfects, it gives relief. A small portion of toothpaste should be applied to print and leave for two hours and then wash and lubricate the foot moisturizing cream.

Corns on the feet can be treated or crushed aspirin (unless you’re allergic to it!), Wrap with onions cooked in vinegar, ointment with vitamin A and lanolin, as well as argan oil or castor. The removal of fingerprints on the feet do not usually require medical intervention and home remedies are enough – but if fingerprints are recurrent and persistent problem, the pain increases, and alternative methods do not work, you will need to consult with your doctor Podiatry.

Imprint on the foot with the root – how to remove?

Sometimes it can lead to inflammation – then prints it gets painful, the skin around it is usually also flushed, quite often in the interior is also present horn core, commonly referred to as the root, which additionally increases the soreness changes. Hard, painful imprint can be a real problem, and require consultation with the Podiatry and to carry out the procedure in the office.

Six proven ways to do this to survive longer your hair

Six proven ways to do this to survive longer your hair

In the end, you were able to arrange their hair so that it does not already look like a pompous poodle (or the opposite – like a drowned rat), but enough that you leave the house and each band seems to live its own life. Rain, wind and moisture can ruin the second hairstyle. Fortunately, there are several ways to better keep your hair in check. Here they are.

1. Adjust the right care for your hair type

Cosmetics for everyday hair care for your hair are like a make-up base. Tailored to the needs of your hair products will help you better tame bandwidth. Price does not always go hand in hand with quality, so give a chance to both professional and easily accessible products from the drugstore. You may find that your ideal, so that your hair will look like a million dollars, you will find on the shelf, not at the hairdresser. Choose cosmetics appropriate to the type of your hair. Strutting will like hair smoothing products, thin – adding volume, dry and curly useful additional hydration.

2. Dry the hair on the brush

If at least from time to time go to the hairdresser you may have noticed that the stylist dried during drying band on a circular brush for modeling. Such drying with a not too high temperature (and after use to protect against product damage) smoothes the hair structure and adds to the volume. Isolated try to duplicate what he was doing pro: droughts each band separately, wrapping them on a round brush and a little “pulling” band if you wanted to stretch them. The diameter of the brush to select the model, depending on the length of hair – the longer they are, the more you need a brush. Dry your hair starting from the lower bands. This will help you control the haircut and the hair will be more raised.

3. Use foam, if you want to maintain volume and / or curls

Hair mousse is a great way to extend the life of hair. Used before drying your hair will provide push-up effect that persists all day. But the great extend the life of other styling, for example. Curls. Before laying hairstyles massage the hair a little foam (eg. Being tested at the Club as experts Ofeminin foam Wella Deluxe Wonder Volume & Protection, which protects your band against mechanical damage and frizz-drying, but also UV and loss of radiance). Apply the foam washed, towel-dried hair. The longer the hair, the more foam will need (for long hair but thin enough amount corresponding tangerine). Shake the container before use. Separate a small portion of the ridge of foam and distribute the product on the hair length, starting from the base and repeat this process until you cover all the hair. Then dry the hair dryer on the brush, and if they lack the volume during drying bounce them from the base, and then styled as always. Reaching for the paint and foam when styling, you’ll get the best and most durable results.

4. Hold the hair from frizz

If you have hair prone to frizz and rainy weather does not help, your band need additional protective layer. Oils (eg. Argan) or serum-type products or creams for puszących styling the hair to form an invisible layer that smoothes them respectively and charged (but not overcharge), so that even difficult weather conditions and high humidity did not harm hairstyle. All cosmetics choose a great smoothing your hair type – thin and straight hair will need lighter formulas (eg. Spray oils) than the dry and curly, a large dose of useful load.

5. Use dry before styling shampoo

If your hair is freshly washed, you will be hard to arrange and maintain the effect for a long time. Hair after washing are harder together, so stylists will create hairstyles on the so-called. two-day hair that lay better. You need not give up the daily washing of hair – just add a little texture of the hair with dry shampoo. Spray the hair at the roots and comb band to distribute the product on the hair. Your hair will be easier in the arrangement, to continue any longer, and her hair will gain volume.

6. Capture the hairstyle without hair gluing

The best way to better your hair and holding a dot over the “i” in the styling of hair is to use hair spray. Although paint can associate you with glued strips and the effect of “helmet” on the head, innovative products will allow you to avoid this effect and leaving hair styling flexibility and freedom while moving. We recommend tested by ekspertki Ofeminin paint a series of Wella Deluxe Wonder Volume & Protection, which gives a strong hold hair. Deluxe Allows Wella styling without fear of destruction, thanks to the protective keratynowemu complex and tend to the Kerashield ™ ingredients such as provitamin B5 and jojoba oil, which leave hair shiny and elastic. Selected ingredients help to take care of your beautiful hair and provide protection from the five signs of destruction: dehydration, roughness, tarnishing, frizz and UV radiation (whole series is available in stores Hebe).

What color nails say about your health? It turns out that quite a lot

What color nails say about your health? It turns out that quite a lot

While some damage result from negligence, whereas others may indicate that the body develops a serious illness. Everyone should regularly look at your nails (after washing off the paint and other specifics of their surface), to make sure of what the cause is occurring on them changes. The examples presented in the gallery will certainly be a valuable clue to all who are struggling with the problems of discoloration.

The appearance of the nail is very important for every human being. Unfortunately, not always they appear as they would like to their owners. It happens that they turn into different, often aberrant colors. The greatest threat in such cases is not unsightly appearance, but it’s what he can provide.

Shiny, smooth the nail plate with flesh-colored whitish completion – so should look healthy nails. Of course, you should also have in mind the fact that the appearance (including the shape and shade of nail) is a matter of an individual. If your nails are slightly pinkish or orange and was presented as a lifelong holders, it should not bother them. However, if the color begins to change color, it’s a reason to start watching them closely. Sharp (or tarnishing) in a color may indicate that the organism “communicates” to the effect that lacks nutrients. It is then necessary to pay special attention to the lifestyle and take care of a balanced diet. If it will help to improve the structure of the nail and restore his natural shade, then we can feel calm. As pointed out by Dr. Izabella Barczyk, color change can also simply be the cause of problems with the nails, and not necessarily with another systemic disease.

White spots – most people at least once in their life, observed them on their nails. Usually they occur at times when the body is faced with a shortage of zinc and iron. “Whitish dots indicate the most common vitamin deficiency” – noted Dr. Izabella Barczyk. The simplest (and the most effective) method, which allow to get rid of them will supplementation. It should include in your diet foods rich in vitamins and minerals. What bet? First of all: eggs, nuts, meat or green vegetables. Unless white spots are not dangerous, so much the overall discoloration of the nail may indicate a more serious ailment. “The pallor of the nail may be one of the symptoms of anemia” – emphasizes Dr. Izabella Barczyk. The reason for this may also be psoriasis, severe protein deficiency and, in extreme cases, heart failure or cancer. If the problem is getting worse, and supplementation is not effective, it is a sign that you should immediately contact your doctor.

Yellow is the color that most discolored nails. This appearance may be caused by several, different factors. Yellow nails (especially on the index finger and middle) is primarily a problem that affects smokers. Discoloration then appear not only on the nails, but also on the fingers and hands. If over time become more and more intense, it’s a sign “warning” from the human body. “Yellow skin under the nails may, however, also indicate jaundice. This color is associated with the accumulation of bilirubin in tissues as a result of its increased concentration in the blood. In the case of this disease all skin changes, but its color” – warns Dr. Izabella Barczyk hospital MIA in Katowice. Yellow tint the nail may also be a side effect of taking certain drugs, eg. Tetracyclines, beta-carotene or antibiotics. Such a color plate is finally bane of women who often paint them red. It turns out that the dyes from the paint penetrate the nail and cause the formation of unsightly color. Frequent painting generally not life threatening, but can lead to serious defects in the structure of the nails, and thus greatly reduce the comfort of everyday functioning.

If the color of the nail becomes intense brown color, a sign that the body may develop a serious disease. This shade is usually associated with the malfunctioning thyroid – if the person had so far performed diagnostic tests in this direction, it is the last moment to do it. Brown nail color is a characteristic of people who are struggling with bulimia and anorexia. Their bodies, usually ravaged by disease, are much depleted minerals necessary for proper functioning. Strong brown (and sometimes even catching black) tone also appears in the case of strong pressure on the nail. Usually, after a few days, there is a fall nail to his place appeared new. This is not a dangerous phenomenon, but if it happens with little pressure on the nail, it may cause indicate circulatory disorders. “If the nail begins to bruise, it may be a sign of cyanosis” – emphasizes, however, Dr. Izabella Barczyk.

While the brown nail color usually occurs after a strong impact, so much black indicates the formation of a hematoma under the board. This occurs when the pressure on the nail was very strong. If the discoloration disappears when the regrowth of the nail or its new growth, this should not arouse concern. “But if you get a black fingernail point, which does not disappear, in extreme cases, may indicate the development of cancer, which is melanoma” – warns Dr. Izabella Barczyk. Never underestimate phenomena such as melanoma is one of the group of malignancies, and the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the reaction rate. Nails may also discolour the dark color under the influence of the use of certain drugs or chemicals. In order to verify this issue, however, consult with your doctor.

While those in whom flows “blue” blood may feel honored, so much blue nail holders have reason for concern. Nails that they turn to the intense blue color usually indicate that the body found in the toxic substance. So this is the most serious effect of poisoning, which can occur, for example as a result of taking certain medications. If the person receiving the notice strong medication at home this symptom, you should immediately consult your doctor. Sine and blue nails are a problem that affects people struggling with impaired circulation. “In turn, if the nails are beginning to go gray, it may be a sign that your body is hypoxic” – notes Dr. Izabella Barczyk. If the victim feels additional weakness and fatigue, then you should not hesitate to visit a doctor, as well as a care of your health!

Anti-wrinkle cosmetics. They naturally rejuvenate, protect and moisturize

Wrinkle prevention and skin care on which they have already appeared is not a simple matter. It is important when you start proper care, what cosmetics you use and how you apply them. Get to know our tips.

Effective and natural care

Natural prophylaxis and care for mature and wrinkled skin is becoming more and more competitive for rejuvenating surgical procedures. Women do not start caring for the skin when wrinkles appear on it, but approach the care consciously and responsibly. Wrinkles begin to appear in some women before the age of 30, so it’s worth taking care of the face, neckline and neck in advance. We prefer to choose cosmetics with clinically proven action and based on a natural composition – these are cosmetics that inspire our trust.

The method of applying anti-wrinkle cream is very important. If we do it carelessly, the cosmetic may simply not work. We apply anti-wrinkle cosmetics on cleansed and toned skin. A proper tonic or gel is needed, which does not dry the skin.

Clean and tone up:

Tiredness and first wrinkles are the fastest to be seen in the eye area. First, apply eye cream to several points of the lower eyelid. Then tap the fingertips lightly, not forgetting the eyelids and the place between the eyebrows.

How to apply anti-wrinkle cosmetics?

The next step is the neck and chin, on which we apply anti-wrinkle cream and smear, directing the movements only upwards. We don’t stretch the skin too much. Finally, apply the cream to other parts of the face. We spread it on the cheeks towards the ears, and on the forehead towards the line where the hair begins. Remember that the movements should always be slightly upwards.

At night, we apply a cream with a richer formula, which is worth supporting the serum. Condensed ingredients and accelerated action are the characteristics of concentrated cosmetics for wrinkles. The light texture and increased component of the active substance cause shallower deeper wrinkles and liquidation of shallower ones.

Anti-wrinkle cosmetics only for mature skin?

Not necessarily. A condensed cosmetic with a natural composition, in which we find a lot of natural extracts, will also improve the appearance and condition of tired, gray and dehydrated skin.

The cosmetic suitable for our skin and age is quickly absorbed, and after application the feeling of tightness and drying disappears. It eliminates dry skin, with which we often have a problem, e.g. around the nose. The skin looks fresher and shinier.